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Crazy Game Room Collectibles for Sale!

Some of us have it, most of us dream of it… the ultimate “Game Room”. Someone can spend years upon years creating a game room. It varies from person to person, depending on your taste but I think the Internet allowed us to see it all. Game rooms comprising of arcades, pinballs, consoles, video game collectibles, kiosks and more! Some have entire game collections, others have impressive displays.

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Seller ubben52 has decided to shut the doors at which appears to be, at one time, the “hot spot”. Let’s call him Jimmy. I’m sure Jimmy was the coolest kid in town, he had it all, the Super Nintendo Kiosk, the Mrs. Pacman hanger, the game collection that would make all the other kids in town drool. All the parties were at Jimmy’s game room. The soda, the popcorn, Mom coming in and asking who wants more brownies. Sally had a crush on Jimmy and never told anyone (or was it a crush on his game room?). The game room was at it’s peak. Birthday parties, weekend sleep overs. The Super Mario show playing on the T.V. Jimmy was on top of the world!

Years have gone by and everyone started to grow up in neverland.  Jimmy wasn’t as cool anymore. Pokemon was out, the Sega cabinets was just taking space, the powerglove wasn’t “wooing” the girls like it use to. Worst off, Sally ended up marrying Bob, Jimmy’s best friend. More and more of Jimmy’s friends were moving out of town, some went to Hollywood to chase the American Dream, others went off to sail the seas. Jimmy on the other hand was still at home, the only one in the basement game room. He decided to finally put it to an end, close the doors. A sad end to what was once was a place of joy and excitement. I can hear the sounds of The Legend of Zelda slowly fade out as if in a distant dream…

Jimmy’s Video Game Auctions:

Super Mario Counter Top Display

Vintage Pac-Man trashcan

Big Nintendo Sign

Pac-Man Bally Rotating Light

Pac-Man Midway floor rug

Vintage Zelda Trash Can

Mrs. Pac-Man Bally Midway Hanging Display

World of Nintendo Globe

World of Nintendo Sign

Megaman 80s Magnet

Nintendo Top Hits Display

Pac-Man Trash Can

Just Sold Zelda a Link to the Past Shield

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