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Creature Shock Special Edition, NWC Gold Cart, Rare NES Titles Auction and More!

I know 99% of you will tell me that the NWC Gold Cart Auction I have listed up here on auction is fake. Well… it is. Supposedly the seller of the fake NWC Cart didn’t post on eBay at first but on a Latin auction site. There’s also a post talking about it on forums which can be found here. A sad attempt of fabricating a story to his personal needs. Seller says he had a friend who died in Afghanistan that left behind his NES collection. That’s pretty low. I mean there’s always a slight chance that the story could be true which I’m sad to hear and prayers go out to the fella.

One thing I learned in life is that you need to work very hard to make a lot of money, whether it’s working overtime at work, participating in a side project, or simply taking the e-commerce/entrepreneur route. Either way scamming people on the net is NEVER a path ANYONE should take.

Let me tell you about my story on how I “could” have been scammed but obviously being an internet veteran and seeing it all I wasn’t. Pinball’s is one of my newest hobbies and quite frankly, pinball machines are damn expensive. A top quality pinball machine can go for $9000, or low ends of $4000 if you’re lucky. also geography plays a role since there’s not many top A-list titles where I live (Twilight Zone, Cirqus Voltaire, Monster Bash, etc…). So, with that said, many collectors like to import Pinball machines from Europe since they are dirt cheap; most notably from Italy. Well, some Italian sellers have caught onto this “trend” and have started to list fake auctions, or fake listings for top A-list pinball machines at a very low price. Example in my situation was a seller who had a “Cactus Canyon” pinball for sale for $4000. It’s a lot of money, but this is one of the rarest machines in pinball since a very low number of them were made before the almighty gods of Williams pinball decided to leave after being a prominent player for decades. The Italian seller was communicating back and forth with me, sending up close pictures. The seller even loaded the pinball machine onto a truck, put a piece of paper on it with my name. He took pictures and kept telling me “It’s ready to go!”. But… what he wanted first was a $2000 down deposit before he could go forward. He gave me his banking info for a wire transfer and said “he’s waiting”. 95% of people on the net now are not stupid and especially in my case I laughed at the request. He continued to send me messages and even wanted to call me but I declined. I told him he needs to create the proper documentation as well as ship out the pinball to his partner in Canada before anything goes down, or I could pay him via paypal through a proper request that protects me as the buyer. He kept insisting for the wire transfer. Well, cutting the story short nothing went through. Guess what I found out last month? The same seller scammed 4 pinball collectors in the community here and he ran away with thousands. If this is news to you then listen up; transferring money to someones account is the worst thing you could do. Doesn’t matter about legal affairs since it’s all cut out. If you wanted to sue the seller for not honoring his side of the bargain you would need to fly to Italy from wherever you are in North America, find a lawyer in Italy and stay there for (months?) to try and win a court battle. It would cost more than getting your money back. You might think this could never happen to you, but if the deal if so enticing you just never know; look what happened to the 4 collectors that got screwed.

Ebay has a general rule; and that sellers genuinely  act in good faith. There’s only a small percentage of sellers who would actually try to screw you and this is rare. Most of the time where you’re in a vulnerable position it’s not that the seller is trying to screw you, but that they think their right (in the example of a defective item or some poor packaging). But listing something like a fake NWC Gold Cart and hoping you can scam some noob is pretty low. So a big WARNING to you new collectors; don’t bid on this fake auction and report it. The fact that he’s a new seller (created account in less than 10 days) and has 0 feedback should be an obvious indicator to us vets, but to the new comer watch out.

Report the listing my fellow friends: FAKE Nintendo World Championships 1990

Other Video Game Auctions:

Now that the fake has been called out, let me show you some legit and worthy auctions worth mentioning below:
Creature Shock Special Edition – Seller says: “here is only one known copy of this longbox and you are looking at it. One of my most prized longboxes. Creature Shock was an unreleased game to be published by Data East.” The seller “psmuseum” has a bunch of other PS1 titles he’s letting go on regular auction along with some other rare items. Click here for full inventory.
Little Samson for NINTENDO NES – Seller says it’s brand new but it’s already opened? Maybe he should say Mint CIB?
NES COLLECTION RARE – Check out the titles 🙂
Air Raid – Atari 2600 – Great auction pic! Is that Billy Mitchell’s long lost brother?
Smart Boy Tetris – Not sure how desirable the Smart Boy is nowadays or what’s the market value…
Super Rare Large Lot of Nintendo Famicom Mahjong Games – For all you pervs bid now!
PICK 5 for $30 (nes snes sega genesis super nintendo N64 – Isn’t the collection awesome?
Nintendo NES Trog! Prototype Cartridge Pre-Production Sample VGA Archival 1991 – Still don’t get the prototype VGA listings. I guess it’s to preserve the game but geesshh…
Fatal Fury Mark of the Wolves NEO GEO JP GAME
ULTRA RARE Ratchet & Clank Carbonox Maquette MINT
Famicom FC Nintendo Journey to the West Micro Genius unlicensed Duck Tales 2 NES
Final Fantasy VIII 8 Rare Promo Cloth Map Squaresoft in original bag – starting bid is $14.99, not bad for any of you FF8 fans
Dragon Age World of Thedas Exclusive Signed – BioWare Dropzone Fundraiser – this is a fundraiser auction
Super nintendo store display – excellent conditioned snes kiosk. This is still on my wishlist!
NINTENDO PIKMIN 3 T-shirt New 2013 Comic Con SDCC Exclusive Promo Swag LOT – Bid’s at $18.50
XENOGEARS POST CARD – a few years ago this would have been bought instantly
Final Fantasy VII 1997, 1998 Squaresoft EIDOS Platinum Collection 4 CDs
Playstation Gran Turismo Nike Shox Shoes – Ultra Rare Limited Edition size US 11 – pre-owned Nike shoes with the reserve not met.
BUNGIE DESTINY DEV SIGNED LITHOGRAPH ONLY 1 IN THE WORLD – We see so many Bungie signed lithos I don’t see how this one is any different.
HUGE Crash Bandicoot Plush Toy 26″ – cute plush, would buy it if the seller lived closer to me.
Playstation 1 PS1 HUGE 6 foot by 2 foot Banner – lovely banner!

Good luck!

CLICK HERE to buy this!


  • Mark
    Aug 24, 2013

    Great story regarding the Italian pinball job, glad you didn’t fall for it. These scammers are pretty good, they have been active in the vintage synthesizer world for years; “selling” rare models for slightly discounted prices. Italy or Spain is where they operate from but they are usually Rumanian or Albanian mafia types. The request for a wire transfer really is one big alarm bell ringing very loudly!

  • Pakman
    Aug 25, 2013

    Thanks for sharing your story Riku. You won’t find many people pulling a fast one on eBay as it’s regulated by both eBay and Paypal (plus other third party watchers). You will find more scams on places like Craigslist and Kijiji, places that don’t have a formal checkout procedure. I agree with Mark, anyone asking to do a wire transfer needs to be examined very closely.

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