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Crysis 2 Sneakers,Star Fox 64 Ship, 999 Watch and More

There’s a nice pair of Crysis 2 Sneakers on auction right now. They were supposedly “given out to video game professionals at various press functions or by being a member of the video game industry”, one of the other. It’s a great collectors item except for the fact that you need to buy these for your younger brother. The shoe size is 9 in which the average gamer probably wears 11-13 given the average age of 36. If you’re one of the lucky ones that can fit in these(I think Akira wears size 9’s)  then this auction is for you ;). The seller has a best offer so swing by and give your best offer.

Click here for Crysis 2 Promo Sneakers

Other Video Game Auctions:

9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors DS Watch – If you played this fantastic game you’ll quickly fall in love with the 999 watch. It’s really the center piece of the game but I won’t give anything else away. These appear on regular auction sometimes so you might find it cheaper, but if you’re in need of one right away this is your best bet as it’s the cheapest on eBay right now.
Nike Air Force One Shoes – The size is 10, and this is the cheapest auction I’ve seen for the PS1 Nikes in a while. It’s been worn a couple of times as the seller says in the description, but the shoe looks overall in amazing shape. I don’t know why, but I’d have a problem wearing these shoes. I guess spending close to $600 for shoes makes you think twice about wearing them.
Divinity II Metal Dragon-Shaped Promotional Item
Official Nintendo men’s jacket black size large – nice looking jacket, stylish enough to wear anywhere you go. It’ has Nintendo written on the back.
Nintendo 64 Promo Quill Pen in Box N64
LOST PLANET E3 Promo Press Only Jacket
Original Sega Promo “Genesis”
Original Sega Promo “Sonic Speed” – it’s badly beat up on the side, but if you already own this display complete/mint, then buy this and wear this one out by changing it with the better conditioned one. That’s what I’d do.

Nintendo Promo N64 “Star Fox 64 Ship” – A hanging-display used to promo Star Fox for the Nintendo 64. There’s actually a couple of stores near me that still have this very display up! This ones a little beat up but the price makes up for it.

Good luck!

CLICK HERE to buy this!


  • Heidi Poe
    Jun 07, 2011

    I’m so glad I pre-ordered 999 and got that watch totally free! It’s too heavy to wear everyday, though, hehe.

  • Riku
    Jun 08, 2011

    You are one of the lucky ones I see that got it with your preorder :). Who’d ever think that you need to spend somewhere in the 3 digits to own one of these 🙁

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