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Dark Cloud Promo Pin, Pac-Man 1988 Video Expo Plate, Soul Calibur II Figure

Don’t bother reading my babble here! Many of these auctions are ending very soon and the current bids are very low. There are a couple of Club Nintendo items and some vintage collectibles listed. Good luck to those who who are going for one of them!

Soul Calibur II Nightmare Action Figure – Never opened

Pac-Man 1988 Video Expo Plate

World of Warcraft Gryphon Hatchling Plush With Bag

Club Nintendo DS Tingle’s Balloon Fight

Dark Cloud Promo Pin – Reminds me of when Dark Cloud was being talked about as a “Zelda killer”

Max Payne 3 Brass .50 Caliber Rifle Round Bullet Pen

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Dog Tag

Vintage Pac-Man Iron On Patch – Still in it’s 30 or so year old packaging

Club Nintendo Kirby Frisbee

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  • kenji
    Oct 03, 2013

    That is a very sweet Dark Cloud pin, pretty rare, haven’t seen one before.

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