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Dave Bondi’s Akashi Figure – Super Mario & Mickey Mouse

I didn’t have time to post this before, but I always thought this was a neat vinyl figure, and a great conversation starter! It’s called Akashi, which is a mix between Super Mario and Mickey mouse. The creator, Dave Bondi, is a sculptor and does a variety of insane vinyl figures. Just check out his website for the dripping Mario sculpt that’s stuck to a tree! It is however a very awkward site to scroll around in so don’t get caught up!

Anyways, this piece he made originally sold for $65. Not sure how well it did but I found an auction that has both the complete version of Akashi, and an unpainted version. So you get both figures. The price is pretty high, but figuring this work of art was limited to 250 world wide along with it’s pink variant could be justifiable, but I will leave it up to you to decide :).

From the product tag it reads:

“From sculptor Dave Bondi (Mr. Bunny, Possessed) comes AKASHI , a playful homage to two of his favorite character icons shot into a particle accelerator and smashed together at the speed of light.  By carefully re-mixing the respective physical features, the resulting toy blurs the boundaries of copyright and unites east and west with a brand new quirky character.”

If anyone’s interested click here for the AKASHI figure.

Thanks for reading!

CLICK HERE to buy this!


  • akira
    Oct 21, 2010

    That’s kinda creepy… and yet I want it for some reason lol

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