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DC Universe Press Kit, Atari C-Lab Falcon, Frogger 80s Puzzle

Good morning VGA readers! I have some cool auctions submitted to us by our good friend Josh (Thanks Buddy!).  It includes an 80s frogger puzzle with 200 pieces, a DC Universe Press kit, Some bags from Akihabara?? Lol and he did bring to our attention that the Sega Blockbuster Championships II Game sold finally!

The first auction is for the Witcher 2: Papercraft of Kings. It was only handed out during the behind-closed-doors session at GamesCom 2010 which was only for the press. Kotaku featured it as “The Best Press Kit At GamesCom”, very interesting indeed.

Next auction is an array of Internationl N64 controllers. You have Australian Ice Blue, Japanese Atomic Purple, Japanese Black and Japanese Green. I’m not into controller collecting but it’s cool to have international gaming items. Check it out for yourself.

Other Video Game Auctions:

Atari C-Lab FALCON MK X: With my spare time I should do a post about this one day. The hardware is just intriguing beyond imagination. I must act post haste and disect the contents of this machine to unmask the intelligence behind it, what a journey!

Bags From Tokyo Akihabara Video Game Stores,Arcades,etc : Bags are from Namco, Super Potato etc…

Sega Blockbuster Championship II Cart : Wow sold for $5000.

80s Frogger Puzzle: This has all the pieces and it’s in excellent shape!

DC Universe Online Press Kit: First media package of 2011. Comes with blue ray, artbook etc…

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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