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DEAD RISING 2 Life Size Zombie Statue Makes Its Way To eBay

Well well well….what did I tell you all when I made the post about the Dead Rising 2 Capcom contest here?? I knew that the limited edition Life Size Zombie Statue would find it’s way to eBay!

For those who didn’t follow this exclusive Dead Rising 2 giveaway, basically it boils down to preordering Dead Rising 2 via Capcom’s Website. Now when you purchased the High Stakes Edition , you got one Golden’ Terror Is Reality XVII admission ticket. The Golden’ ticket was redeemable for Burt the Zombie, a 6’ Dead Rising 2 zombie replica! Just take a look at how ugly yet awesome this statue is on the left. Anyways, it was basically a lucky draw and I thought at first that only one of these statues were available since nothing else was written down on Capcom’s website. But I think there was more than one statue made just by judging the description in the auction. You’d figure the seller would be ecstatic and say something like “I’m the only one in the world to own this!!“, or something like that. too bad the seller didn’t take actual pictures of the statue.  If there was more than one produced, I still believe they are very limited. So with all that said, this statue is available now on eBay! But unfortunately it’s located in Australia, which is good news for the locals! I believe that the original pictures of Burt the Zombie had him wearing a Hawaiian shirt along with a Lei around his neck while holding dice. These were probably just put on for the pictures but the statue you would be getting would come without these add-ons(big whoop!).

Seller says:

YOU can own this unique collector’s item from Dead Rising 2!6′-tall life-size Zombie Statue “Burt”BRAND-NEW!ONE-OF-A-KIND!YOU WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY BE THE ONLY ONE IN AUSTRALIA WITH IT!!”

I would absolutely LOVE to own this statue! Capcom’s known for making high quality collectibles and just by looking at the pic it looks very well done. If you are interested in viewing this auction, you can find the DEAD RISING 2 Life Size Zombie Statue on eBay.

If you want, you can even email the seller to retrieve more information about this statue such as how did he come about acquiring it.

Thanks for reading!

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  • Matt
    Nov 06, 2010

    This is NOT the statue from the golden ticket contest. We weren’t allowed to purchase the High Stakes edition. This figure is the one given away by retail chain GAME.

  • Riku
    Nov 07, 2010

    Thanks for clearing that up Matt. I had a feeling that there was more than one of these statues made, but wasn’t too sure about the specifics. That’s pretty neat that they made this statue also for retails. As far as I know there was none here in Canada, and no mention of it in the states. Do you know if they had many of these in Australia? Would be cool to keep note since more might pop up. Btw, nice ending price tag on that auction 🙂

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