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Dead Rising Servbot Coffee Mug Signed by Keiji Inafune

Here is a nice limited edition item that I thought would never show up on eBay. It’s the Dead Rising Servbot Coffee Mug Signed by Keiji Inafune. Yup, it’s not a printed autograph, but a genuine one. This is definitly a hot item to pick up now since the departure of Inafune from Capcom, and will only grow in value. These coffee mugs were exclusivly given out in Korea during the launch of Dead Rising and was limited to only 500! I honestly thought I’d never see one pop up on eBay but I am wrong once again. There is a reserve on the mug btw, so don’t think this ones going cheap. Item’s also in Germany so you’ll be looking at $35+ on shipping.

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  • Joseph
    Jan 22, 2011

    Man, it’s at $400.00 already!! This may be Hall of Fame quality material, considering it could be the last signed Capcom item from Kenji.

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