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Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition, Unreleased Skylanders Figure, Custom Nazi Zombies Weapon Box

Today we take a look at something that has recently sold out which many gamers really wanted to get their hands on. The limited Dev Team Edition of Dead Space 3 was limited to 5000 worldwide and it includes all kinds of extras of epic quality. Check out this video for some information on what went into making it…

The first auction has closed but I put it in there just to give you guys how these are selling. The rest are still going. There are more auctions for this bundle that can be found but these were all relatively low bids when I came across them.

Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition 3522 of 5000 – Auction closed and sold for $225.

Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition #? of 5000 – Game not included. Serial number not shown or mentioned. – 3 days left

Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition 753 of 5000 – Game not included. The picture shows #2324 but the auction description says it’s #753. – 2 days left

Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition #? of 5000 – Game not included. Serial number not shown or mentioned. – 1 day left

Some more auctions for today and the first one is another Dead Space 3 item!

Dead Space 3 Promo Pin – The pin comes with the display card as well.

Street Fighter IV Ryu Bandana – A promo from SDCC 2012. It’s still in the plastic and looks like it was never used or soaked with Comic Con crazed nerd sweat.

Unreleased Skylanders Giant Ninjini – I’m not sure how the seller got this but, as far as I can see, this Skylanders figure hasn’t been released yet.

Street Fighter X Tekken Poster signed by Yoshinori Ono – Nice poster signed by producer Yoshinori Ono.

Mass Effect 3 Poster signed by Mark Meer – Another signed poster but this one for Mass Effect 3 was signed by Mark Meer; voice actor for Shepard. He added “I should go…” to the autograph which is a nice touch fans of the series can appreciate.

Minecon 2012 In-Game Cape – Very hard to get download for a cape to be worn in-game for Minecraft which was available at Minecon 2012. 8 days left and it’s already past $300… *note seller has zero feedback.

Custom Call of Duty Nazi Zombies Weapon Box – Here’s a cool idea for a custom made collectible. I’m amazed this hasn’t already been done with a fraction of the effort. A great deal of time and attention to detail went into this.

Chrono Cross Clock (not working) – These clocks weren’t exactly made very well and I’m not surprised to read that this one doesn’t work. The battery terminal has broken. Still looks nice on a shelf full of other gaming collectibles.

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