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Dead Space Limited Edition Sealed and Atari Cosmos Holograms

Here’s an interesting auction that was selling around $200-$300 when it first made its way to eBay. Nowadays these Dead Space Limited Edition game fetch somewhere in the thousands. I am assuming it’s because there were only 1000 copies of these made and that the release of Dead Space 2 is right around the corner. Also, there are not a lot of collectibles out there for the game to begin with which is why all the focus goes to the limited edition game.

This auction was just put up, and already has 15 offers so people are getting serious. It will be interesting to see how much this sells for. You also get the limited edition preorder of Dead Space 2 with a buy-it-now.

Link to Ultra Limited Dead Space Game Sealed

Thanks **Joseph

Other Rare Auctions

Atari 3D Cosmos HologramAtari 3D Cosmos Hologram

eBay seller mywantlist always has goodies up for sale and I’m always surprised with what he pulls out of the closet. I’ve picked out some of the interesting auctions out such as the hologram cards for the unreleased Cosmos console, but he has plenty more so check him out!

Atari Cosmos 3-D HOLOGRAM Asteroids game“This is a very cool and SUPER RARE: and actual 3-D HOLOGRAM for the Atari Cosmos handheld system! This is for the game ASTEROIDS. There is no cartridge or anything else that was produced except for a few prototype systems shown at some trade shows, but the laser holograms actually were made in limited quantities! Nothing to play here, but so cool to have and hold since so few people will ever see one, let along actually own one.”
Atari Cosmos 3-D HOLOGRAM Superman game
Atari Cosmos 3-D HOLOGRAM system bochure & sales info
Nintendo Cleaning Kit Brand New
Game Genie Sealed

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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