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Dead Space – Ultra Limited Edition, Signed Lithograph, Figures, Sweater & T-Shirt

With long running series like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, many believed that survival horror had been played out and there was nothing left but nostalgia in each sequel in those series and nothing more. Then came Dead Space… a million heads turned at once when this game was quietly released! Nobody thought that this game offered more than a unique shooting strategy (before the release, the designers mentioned that the monsters die when their limbs are cut off). The atmosphere in this game is amazing. I’ve played it through to the end and was blown away. It’s very much worth buying, playing, and counting the days to the sequel (Release date Jan 25 2011).

Today we have some rare and cool Dead Space items for the fans of the game…

Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition (Ltd 1,000) – This beautiful copy of the game (which was limited to 1,000 worldwide) is sealed and VGA (Video Game Authority) rated 90! This sets the value of the game quite high. For serious buyers, I would recommend contacting the seller to negotiate a price. This copy of the game could grow to be very valuable if the series goes far in the future.

Dead Space Lithograph Print Signed – This lithograph is limited to 500 and was signed by Ryan Church who is a talented designer who, including Dead Space, has also worked on the following movies: Avatar, Transformers 1 & 2, Star Trek (2009), War of the Worlds (2005), Star Wars Episode II, Star Wars Episode III, and Star Wars Visionaries.

Isaac Figure Set of 2 (NECA) – This set of figures from NECA features Isaac in both a standard and bloody form. They are great quality figures showing off an amazingly designed sci-fi suit.

Isaac Unitology Figure (NECA) – This version of Isaac shows him in a black suit covered in alien glyphs. The figure also has built in LED lights for his back and mask. This is top-notch as far as action figures go.

Official Dead Space T-Shirt – The seller is offering this officially licenced t-shirt in four different sizes. It’s an east add to any collection.

Hooded Sweater – This custom design for a hooded sweater is very cool. Most any fan of the game would be proud to wear it.

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