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Deadrising 2: High Stakes Edition via Capcom-Unity

Call me sick….but Zombies and Video Games go very well together!

If any of you are planning to Preorder Dead Rising 2, why not go for the awesome High Stakes Edition over at Capcom-Unity? They have a cool entry prize where you have a chance to win a Life-Size Zombie Statue! HOW COOL IS THAT?

Dead Rising 2 Contest

Now this whole prize thing goes down like this…….. When you purchase the High Stakes Edition you get one ‘Golden’ Terror Is Reality XVII admission ticket. The ‘Golden’ ticket is redeemable for Burt the Zombie, a 6’ Dead Rising 2 zombie replica! Just take a look at how ugly yet awesome this statue is.

Zombie Mark my words, and you heard it first at VGA……this zombie will be put on on eBay! I have a feeling it will. Just so happens that every time I’ve witnessed a contest like this for a very exclusive statue like this zombie, it finds it’s way to eBay as if eBay is this big magnet that attracts these sort of things. I will definitely keep a look out for it when it does 🙂

But in the meantime this is what you get with the High Stakes Edition:

* Dead Rising 2 Game (Xbox 360 or PS3)
* Poker Set in a black high-impact case sporting the Fortune City Logo and including:
o 100 Poker Chips – 4 different colors featuring the Fortune City logo
o 2 decks of ‘blood-stained’ custom playing cards featuring character art from Dead Rising 2
o 5 Green Dice
o 1 ‘blood-stained’ dealer chip
* Fortune City Visitor Map featuring the game map and ads for Fortune City locations and attractions
* Terror Is Reality XVII admission ticket with redemption code for the unique ‘Psycho’ costume and skills downloadable content
* The chance at discovering the ‘Golden’ Terror Is Reality XVII admission ticket *

Check out this package at Capcom’s Dead Rising 2 Exclusive Preorder

CLICK HERE to buy this!


  • akira
    Aug 27, 2010

    Awesome! I actually didn’t hear about this…

    Also, just to mention that fat zombies are the best zombies lol

  • Riku
    Aug 27, 2010

    Holy crap…’re absolutely right! Fat zombies are the best(Left 4 Dead)!

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