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Demos – Playstation, Virtual Boy, and Biohazard

Demos on release are thought of as having very little value but, in time, their value flies through the roof. Even demo versions of bad games have some value. The auctions listed below are valuable for different reasons. Rarity of course makes a demo valuable. Popularity of a title is a big one too. Failure after release draws some attention to demos too. The most valuable characteristic for a demo (which is missing from the demos below) is the demo never becoming anything else; canceled games for example. First up isn’t a demo of a game at all…

Playstation Developer Demo

PlayStation (PS1) Developer’s Demo Disc CD Variant – It may look a lot like the rare Playstation tech demo, but that’s because it is! It’s the alternate slip case for the tech demo which was available to those who pre-ordered. I haven’t seen it on eBay before (at least I can’t remember one) so I can’t speak to the price. I’m thinking it’s selling medium-low and worth the money.

Biohazard Demos

Biohazard Demo – Biohazard (Resident Evil) became a huge success, but Capcom had no way of knowing this when this demo was released. Today, Resident Evil has tons of sequels and spin-offs but this demo was made before any of them.

Biohazard Gamecube DVD Demo – The buzz about the Gamecube remake of Resident Evil was crazy before the game’s release. Nobody could believe that not only was it a Gamecube-only release (a Nintendo system!) but the graphics were way beyond anything else the Gamecube had before. This Japanese DVD shows off exactly that; Biohazard remastered for the next generation.

Virtual Boy Demos

Red Alarm Demo – This game never really came across as a good idea when you saw pictures of it, or worse, tried to play it. But, if you told someone who didn’t know better, “Hey, this is the new 3D Nintendo system and it has a flying game similar to Star Fox!”… well, with a statement like that, you would have people lined up. Believe me, when this demo cart was in use, that’s exactly what happened.

Wario Land Demo – Wario Land was probably the best game that was made for the Virtual Boy. This demo was the first taste of a great game that never caught on.

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