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Developer’s Consoles & Fable Addition

Before a game can hit the shelves and be available to gamers, the developers work hard to perfect the game and write out all the bugs. You can imagine what people in this position can get their hands on in terms of hardware. After all, a console is nothing if there are no games to support it. Today I will feature two consoles that were made available only to developers and were never for sale… at least, not until now lol.

Take a look at this… the Net Yaroze. This developer’s Playstation can play any game in the world. It’s not restricted by region at all. It’s also a much darker color than a commercial Playsation which makes it very recognizable for those who are aware of it. Can you imagine having this during the age of Playstation? Wow, nobody would have believed it possible. The Net Yaroze can be found here on eBay: Playstation Net Yaroze DTL-H3000

This uniquely colored Xbox 360 was given only to developers at Microsoft Game Studios when the console was launched and was never available in stores. You will notice the green replacing the typical silver-grey from first generation 360’s. It’s a rare version of the console for sure and it’s available on eBay: Rare Green & White Developer Launch Xbox 360 Console

Yesterday I made a post about various Fable items, but this one passed me by. I have to post this today because not only is it a great find, it also ties in with the developers items above. This copy of the limited collector’s edition has been signed by four of the lead developers of the game! There are currently 30 bids on it and only a few hours left! Go now to try to get your hands on it!! The auction can be found here: Fable III Collector’s Edition Signed by the Developers (Update: bidding has ended and it sold for a little less than $100)

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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