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Devil May Cry – Sword & Figures

The popular hack-n-slash action packed beat-em-up series Devil May Cry is fueled by style and flash. The visuals mixed with the action make these games quite the sensory overload. There are more than a few collectibles out there, but one stands out in size and quality…

This is an official 1:1 scale stainless steel replica of Nero’s sword know as the Red Queen. At 42 inches in length, this stunning blade is clearly crafted with attention to every detail. There are a few on eBay right now, but I would recommend buying from lacitedesnuages who holds an impressive 99.3% positive feedback from 18,456 transactions. You can find the auction here on eBay.

There’s more to collect out there! Here are some figures currently on eBay:

Devil May Cry Clown Figure (Medicom) – This sealed figure is very hard to find. If you’ve played the first Devil May Cry game, then you have killed many of these clowns lol.
Devil May Cry 3 Dante (Kotobukiya) – You can always expect a motion captured figure that honors the game when buying something from Kotobukiya. This figure is from Devil May Cry 3.
Devil May Cry 4 Dante (Kotobukiya) – Here’s Kotobukiya’s release for Dante from Devil May Cry 4. It’s very nice and goes well with the others in their Devil May Cry series.
Devil May Cry 4 Nero (Kotobukiya) – Nero is, as some people have said, the Raiden to Dante as Dante is Solid Snake to Nero. Not all agree of course lol.

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