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Diablo II Employee Resin Statue and Signed Collectors Edition, Dead Space 3 Limited Watch

Very rare items listed here today and a few are deeply serious buys which should be considered carefully. Not everything you’ll find below is going to cost thousands of dollars though. Some vintage gaming auctions are here for those interested.

Diablo II Employee Resin Statue and Signed Collector’s Edition – The signed collector’s edition of the game is great all by itself but a resin statue only given to the game’s developers  puts this over the top (statue origin suggested by the seller but can’t confirm). The seller is taking offers.

Diablo II Employee Resin Statue and Signed Collectors Edition

Dead Space 3 Limited Watch – This auction was brought to our attention by Jacob (thanks man). The watch was limited to 500 but the seller doesn’t actually have it in hand yet. This is a pre-order on auction and it’s taking bids.

Playstation 3 Development Reference Tool DECR-1000A – In great working condition. A couple offers have been made… the most recent was made today and hasn’t been declined (yet).

Bible Buffet Loose – Noteworthy because the first bid is $0.99.

Playstation Bag with as-is Consoles and Controllers – Four likely unstable or broken PS1 consoles and some controllers. The bag in the back is pretty nice though.

PS1 Long-Box Games (13) – A few sports games in there but nice condition on all boxes.

Vintage Coleco Draw Shooting Gallery – The backlights and sounds work and the colors are well preserved. Not sure how old this is though. Late 70’s?

Roberts Paddle IV Boxed – Just a random Pong console but the box is included and looks almost new.

Computamatic Football and Basketball – This barely qualifies as a video game. I can’t even find a video of this thing anywhere.

Pitfall II Atari 2600 Prototype – No offers made for about a month now.

NES RacerMate II – This is a very rare unlicensed NES game but the parts on auction here aren’t enough for you to actually play the game as far as I know. Missing is an externally powered box which attached to the part that covers the two controller ports. I can’t remember exactly how it all hooks up but there are a few parts missing here. Very hard to find none the less.

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