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Diablo – Limited Edition Statue, Rare Tin, and DVD

Blizzard Entertainment has made only a few series of games in it’s history compared to most game companies, but their games stand out from the common due to their perfectly polished look and gameplay. Blizzard really takes their time making a game. If they feel it isn’t perfect, they continue working. The long wait between titles in the Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo series is proof of this. Starcraft II will be out soon, but still on the horizon is Diablo III! Here are a couple of Diablo III items along with one from the Diablo II age.

Diablo III Overthrown Statue – This incredibly detailed and hand painted statue is limited to 400 worldwide! The quality of this collectible can’t be beat.

Blizzcon Sinimints – At a recent Blizzard convention (known annually as Blizzcon), tins of “sinimints” were available. Get it? SINiminets… lol. These were only available at Blizzcon and are worthy of a space on some collector’s shelf.

Diablo II DVD – Blizzard has always been praised for their expert work with cinematic cut-scenes. This DVD contains every animated scene from Diablo II in fully remastered widescreen format!

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