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Donkey Kong Country Print Signed by Nintendo Staff and More

Here’s something you don’t see everyday. A signed Donkey Kong Country Picture from the Nintendo Staff. Now who signed this picture? I am not sure. The seller doesn’t have too much information about this piece. It’s hard to even make out some of the names on the picture.

Nintendo Donkey Kong Country SNES Print Signed Autograph

The seller says that this print was sent to him from Nintendo back in the 90’s after he complained that one of the games he purchased didn’t have a plastic protector. So Nintendo sent him back this print signed by some of the staff at the time. We can all draw our assumptions but it’s really up in the air. You would need to find out where you can obtain information about the people who worked on the game, and then try to decipher the names….. that is….if you “win” the auction.

Donkey Kong Country Print Signed by Nintendo Staff

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