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Donkey Kong Country Sneakers, Nintendo World Championships 1990 Grey Cart and More!

Good evening VGA readers. I dug a little deeper on the auction time frame to give a little bit more leg room when looking at auctions you may want to bid on. There’s a ton of goodies in today’s post. Which is my favorite? Did you say the NWC Grey cart? Nope… the Donkey Kong Country official sneakers, look at how COOL they are, which I had this in elementary school. Enjoy the post, see you tomorrow.

Video Game Auctions:

– YOSHIS NEW ISLAND rare store display counter standee NINTENDO 3DS promo mario

– Nintendo World Championships 1990 NES cartridge Former GPC owned

– Ultra Rare Nintendo Virtual Boy, SNES, Game Boy Advertising Vest and Hat w/Pins

– Star Fox: Super Weekend (Official Competition Cartridge) (Super Nintendo)

– Panic Restaurant (Nintendo, 1992) complete with box & manual very nice 

 Super Metroid Poster S/N Samus Aran 1994 Super Nintendo SNES Glow In The Dark

– StarCraft 64 – Nintendo 64 Game AUS PAL – Boxed & Complete – Star Craft 64

– Mega Man USB Buster 8GB Flash Drive Key Chain Capcom (New)

– CTR Crash Team Racing video game disc CD DVD holder promo rare display case 1999

– Famicom(NES), Game Set (No Box) Famicom/NES JP GAM

– Dota 2 Axe of Phractos NIB Statue NO CODE

– Vintage 1998 Nintendo 64 AM/FM Bike Radio Flash Light Timer

– Gears Of War 3 Countdown Clock Counter Display- Rare Collectors Piece

– RARE Nintendo (NES/SNES) Collectible Memorabilia: Donkey Kong Country Sneakers

– Sega retailer wall clock – used Sega wall clock – Sega clock – gaming decor

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