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Donkey Kong Unplugged

Today we take a look at several Donkey Kong related games that do not require electricity. Imagine a black out that lasts a full eight hours which ruins your night of planned gaming. If you had all or some of the below mentioned items, this time can be spent with unique fun that many reading this may have never experienced!

Donkey Kong Board Game Sealed – Here’s the board game released by Milton Bradley which is now quite rare. This auction is for a sealed box which means great condition and more value. There was a different box for the same game and this too is on eBay. This box however has been opened: Donkey Kong Board Game Opened

Donkey Kong Country POG Board Game– POGs were a combination of collectibles and a game. It didn’t last very long because I guess people caught on to the fact that they were playing with discs of cardboard and plastic. Still, during POG’s popularity, this Donkey Kong Country game was released! It’s a great snap shot of the time in which it was made.

Donkey Kong Country Slide Puzzle – I was never very good at these slide puzzles… I would get it at 90% complete and then see that I had to undo everything to get the last bit done! This is a Donkey Kong themed version of these puzzles.

Donkey Kong Jenga– Remember the Jenga commercials? What was the thing they said? “You take a brick from the middle and you put it on top, you take a brick from the bottom and you put it on top.” lol… something like that. This Donkey Kong Jenga adds more to the game play with colored Jumpman (Mario) pieces for each player.

Donkey Kong Penny Bank – Check this out! It’s a piggy bank designed to work like a barrel throw by DK in the original game. How awesome is that?

Donkey Kong 64 Puzzle – This is a simple puzzle made in the N64 age. It’s not rare by any means, but makes a good gift for a fellow gamer :p

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat 3-D Puzzle– There was a time where 3-D puzzles were a big deal. The foam pieces with colored sides would be used to put together a fully three dimensional representation of a building or object. This puzzle I believe, and correct me if I’m wrong, Β makes a Donkey Kong Barrel.

Of course, once the power is back on… it’s time to play the real deal lol…

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