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Doom Poster Signed by John Romero & Developers and more

One of my favorite games of all time is Doom. It’s not only the hype that was swarming at the time it was released about it’s blood and gore or the 3D FPS style of play… Well, ya those things are awesome, BUT I really enjoy a sci-fi “one against the world” setting. Doom had it all along with a load of extras like secret doors and hidden areas. I remember playing the game though for the 8th time or so and finding a huge room that I have never seen before. If there are any people left out there who haven’t played this game, go for it.

Doom Poster Signed by Developers

This poster has been signed by the creative mind behind Doom; John Romero. It’s also signed by the development staff of id Software at the bottom. As many know, Doom was made as a labour of love and not a huge big budget game project. It paid off in the end way beyond Romero’s expectations. But, he hasn’t forgotten where he came from. In an interview he once said, “I’m not worried about the big name titles coming out… I’m worried about the guy working out of his basement.”

This is a great item for Doom fans and is perfectly framed ready for hanging. Only one buyer can have it…

Doom Poster signed by John Romero & id Developers

Here are a few more Doom items of interest:

Doom Reaper Miniatures – The Marine (Hero) & Doom Reaper Miniatures – Shotgun Zombie – These pewter figures were released after the release of Doom 3 but they are figures designed based on the original Doom. The figures themselves are quite rare, but these two sets are still sealed in the blister packs.

ID Anthology Box Set Limited 10,000 – This id Software Anthology set includes every game made up to 1996 as well as extras such as a pewter Cyber Demon and a re-print of the infamous Doom comic. This box set was limited to 10,000.

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  • Riku
    Mar 26, 2011

    Dang… Those are some rare Doom items 😮

  • Joseph
    Mar 26, 2011

    They sure are 🙂 The poster is really cheap, but that’s probably because it’s a folded poster. Which is a big bummer :/

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