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Double Dragon – Sealed Games & Toys

It’s common in video games to have twin brothers or seemingly identical characters as the main characters because these games have a two player mode. Why does the second player need to look the same as the first player? I’m not sure… maybe just to save on memory. I mean, really think about it… there are literally dozens of games featuring main characters that look the same! Today we take a look at one of the classic series that feature two brothers trying to beat the baddies; Double Dragon.

-Sealed Games-

Double Dragon VGA Sealed 90 (NES)

Double Dragon II Sealed (NES)

Double Dragon III Sealed (NES)

Super Double Dragon VGA Sealed 85 (SNES)

Double Dragon Sealed (Atari 2600)

Double Dragon Sealed (Atari 7800)


Double Dragon Cycle (Unopened)

Double Dragon Crusier (Unopened)

Shadow Raven (Unopened)

Sealed Figures: Trigger Happy, Vortex, Shadow Master, Sickle, Billy Lee, Blaster

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  • Riku
    Sep 24, 2010

    I won’t lie to you, I never knew Double Dragon figures ever existed. I’m dumbfounded by this post. Excellent find 🙂

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