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Dozens of Promo Pins

Ebay seller mazoku has a ton of great promo pins up for grabs. Each auction began with very low bids. Pins are a category of collecting all it’s own and is often overlooked. I think they’re great when they are hand outs to promote a game before it’s release because it’s a cool look at the past. So, take a close look here today pin collectors. You may find something you want which has been mixed in with a bunch of unrelated pins.

Final Fantasy VI Pin – Very classy pin here. They didn’t clutter it up with the title or anything. You can be sure the final bid on this pin will be quite high.

Sega Pins – Here’s a nice selection of Sega pins. There’s a couple Saturn pins, Sega Sports, Dreamcast, and a few Sonic pins. 11 pins in this auction.

Working Designs Pins – They may not be very well known in North America, but Working Designs had some great games. 6 pins here.

Virtual Boy Pin – Here’s a sad reminder of the disappointing days of Virtual Boy.

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Pin – This pin shows up on eBay often and I’m sure we listed it more than a few times. The auctions that never sold had this pin up for a crazy buy now amount. This pin however is taking bids.

Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask Pin – You can tell at first glance that this pin was made out of plastic or rubber. I prefer metal pins, but hey… it still looks good.

10 Mixed Pins – This auction for 10 pins has a bit of everything including 3DO, Sonic, Mega Man X, and Atari Jaguar. The one that stands out the most to me is the Pac-Man pin.

Mortal Kombat, Area 51, and Sports Pins – Not sure why such a nice Mortal Kombat pin was mixed in with a bunch of sports pins. Still, it’s only a few bucks if everyone else keeps away from this auction.

Playstation Pins – Hey check that out. One of the four pins is a Playsation VIP pin. Try putting that on and walk around a Sony booth at a convention answering questions and taking interviews lol.

Mario and Wario Pins – These are some great early pins. Mario is Missing? Hmm, there can’t be too many of those out there.

Nintendo Gamecube Pin – It looks to me like this is a very cheap quality of metal, but it’s very clean and in great shape.

Capcom Pins – Here’s a mix of Mega Man and Street Fighter pins. 8 pins in total.

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