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Dr. Pepper Majora’s Mask Contest T-Shirt & Age of Empires III Release Trophy

Due to a ridiculous temporary change in hours I’m needed at my day job, today’s post will be kinda short. I wont leave you guys with nothing though! I’ve found a couple of pretty interesting and rare items. The first one may seem a bit silly to non-collectors because of it’s attachment to Dr. Pepper. The factof the matter is that it’s quite rare and is part of the very big world of Zelda collectibles.

Zelda Majora's Mask Dr Pepper T-shirt

Dr. Pepper Majora’s Mask Contest Prize T-Shirt – Back in 2001 Dr. Pepper ran a promo contest for the Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask which had a grand prize of a gaming room set up along with a year supply of Dr. Pepper. This t-shirt is one of the mail-in prizes from that contest. Many of these have been lost or thrown out over time. The t-shirt in this auction however is in near perfect condition. I believe the seller originally had this up for $2,500 but has since reduced the suggested price to $750. This is of course still too high, but they are taking offers and offers are indeed being made.

Next up is something which was never available to the public. Less than 100 of these were made and they were given to Ensemble Studio members who worked on Age of Empires III.

Age of Empires III Release Trophy

Age of Empires III Release Trophy – The seller notes they were one of the programmers for the game and was given this when the game went gold (meaning a final version made for production was completed). The price is quite low… a cool find for fans of the game.

Just a quick note about our recent addition of live NES gaming! A couple of people have asked when I normally go live and what games I will be playing. If I get the urge to play something, I can turn the stream on at any time, any day but; Saturday morning/afternoon is almost a guarantee I’ll be playing live. Anyone can request a game by sending me an email ([email protected]) and I’ll be sure to play it if I have it. Live requests are cool too if you’re in the chat. Take it easy guys!

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