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Dracula Handheld and Tabletop Games From Japan

There are hundreds of Dracula based games in the world and most handheld games are the typical black and white LCD style games. Today I would like to show a few games that have quality color screens (something you don’t often see with these kinds of games). Each of these games copy the basic idea of other classic arcade games. It’s weird stuff, but I really want to play them all.

The Dracula (Tsukuda) – This handheld game is a semi-clone of Pac-Man in it’s gameplay. The one on eBay comes complete with it’s original box and packaging. Check out a mini review of the game and see it in action!


Dracula House (Epoch) – This game also comes complete in it’s original box. Dracula House is very similar to The Dracula in both gameplay and graphics. See the screenshot below to see what I mean:

Draculajoh (Bandai) – This one in acutally a simplified clone of Donkey Kong! (screenshot below). It’s funny how many of these portable games copied Donkey Kong. The one on eBay comes complete with the original box.

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