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Dragon’s Lair II & Space Ace Animation Cels, FFVII Aeris’s Theme Music Box, DK Jr Cereal Box and more

There’s a lot to look through today and more than a few of these auctions are for amazingly rare collectibles. Before I get to that however, just a quick warning to help prevent a bad buy… There’s a Bioshock figure of Andrew Ryan (which is limited to 200) on eBay right now with a high price tag. You can find the auction here but don’t bother! It looks like this figure hasn’t sold out yet. Check out the Irrational Games Store to get one for yourself before they sell out and you’re stuck with eBay prices. 😉

Final Fantasy VII Aeris’s Theme Music Box – This is one of the rarest and most impressive items I’ve had the pleasure to see in person. It is not worth 15k however lol. Possible the seller doesn’t really want this one to go.

Duke Nukem Forever Launch Party Poster and Signed Lithograph – Ahhh, the exciting days before the release of Duke Nukem Forever. Even if you found the game disappointing, this signed litho is pretty cool. It has been signed by Gearbox president Randy Pitchford, Duke Nukem creator George Broussard, the voice of Duke himself Jon St John, and others.

Super Mario Bros The Movie Book – The Golden book based on the movie based on the game!

Super Mario Bros Score Trophy – Holy crap Mario looks pissed! The Goombas look like they are in such pain too! The horror!… the horror…

Donkey Kong Cereal Commercial Animation Cel Drawing – I recently listed a couple of these drawings that were used to create the animated parts from the Donkey Kong cereal commercial. Here’s one more of Mario (well, Jumpman) kickin’ some ass.

Dragon’s Lair II Animation Cel – This is quite impressive. One of the original animation cels used to make Dragon’s Lair II. Less than 24 hours left on this one guys.

Space Ace Animation Cel – From the same seller and same auction closing time… an animation cel from Space Ace. Damn…

Dragon’s Lair Metal Lunch Box – Here’s something I would have loved to have when I was a kid. Pretty cool.

Double Dragon Comics #1-4 – Hmmm Double Dragon comics. Well, only $3 (plus shipping of course).

Atari Mug – 5 sold and 1 left up for grabs!

7 Eleven Q*bert Slurpee – Here’s an empty cup! lol, seriously though, a cool bit of the past.

Donkey Kong Jr. Cereal Box Full and Sealed – I’ve seen empty boxes get bought and sold, but you don’t often find a full and sealed box. How did this never get opened and why keep it for nearly 30 years?! Well, it’s up for sale now.

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  • MortalMonday
    Jun 14, 2012

    I’m of the opinion that anything related to the recent Duke Nukem game should be burned.

    Jun 14, 2012



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