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Dragon’s Lair Original Animation Cels – Dirk Deaths and Deleted Scene

Here are a few one of a kind items from video game history. While the gameplay style of Dragon’s Lair never really stuck around as full games (only tedious quick-time events crammed into modern games), Dirk the Daring has still stood as one of the most easily recognized video game characters out there. Below are four auctions for original animation cels and a background image from a deleted scene in the game…

Dragon’s Lair Original Animation Cel – Dirk Death 1

Dragon’s Lair Original Animation Cel – Dirk Death 2

Dragon’s Lair II Original Animation Cel – Dirk Death

Dragon’s Lair Original Animation Cel – Deleted Scene

Next up is a single auction with a bunch of rare NES and SNES games. They are all complete except for Super Copa which is missing the manual. (Note the two copies of Stadium Events are the PAL version.)

Lot of Very Rare NES and SNES Games

Here are some more for today…

Vectrex System Lot with 19 Boxed Games – 20 game boxes, 19 games, and 18 original overlays are included with the system itself. The reserve still hasn’t been met however.

Turbo Duo Console – No hook-ups but no reserve either.

Battletoads NES Sealed – Current bid at $4.25

Credit 00 I Love Game Graphics Art Book – Here’s a cool game art book from Japan. 182 pages hardcover.

Original Glass Tron Marquee – Nice as a replacement but could also be used for display on it’s own.

Binatone Pong Console with Box – Ever hear of the Binatone? Probably not and with good reason but it would be fun to try out.

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