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Dreamcast Launch Party Employee Invitation Cards for Shenmue

I forgot to mention this one, and before the auction ends I thought I’d quickly post this. This is coming from an ex Sega employee and I believe we’ve featured some of his items before. Nonetheless, this is a unique item and one-of-a-kind since it’s highly probable that every other ex Sega employee shot their invitations outs.

Sega Dreamcast SHENMUE Launch Party Employee Invite

The seller is from the 32X/Saturn/Dreamcast days which is a while ago. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye for his future auctions, but instead of paraphrasing him I’ll just post that is mentioned exactly from the auction:

“I worked on Shenmue so when it was time for the game to released Yu Suzuki came from Japan to promote it. He did a signing at a gaming store in San Jose then we had an employee and press launch party at a fancy cigar bar in downtown San Francisco. It was not a normal launch party, no jeans and tshirts were allowed. It was pretty classy. Smoking cigars with Yu was one thing I won’t forget.

Well, this is the official invite to the shindig. It comes in a red see through envelope. One is a note announcing the signing at the game store and the other is the official invite that you had to present at the restaurant. It has Ryo on the invite, tells the place, the time and who to RSVP to (the person is no longer there so don’t call). It has the Shenmue artwork on the back. This is in super mint condition and has been taken care of. It does have my name on the front that I may black out with a sharpie but I haven’t decided yet. If you want me to keep it and you’ve bought a lot of stuff from me… I might let it alone. You could only get this card if you were personally invited to the launch dinner. And because of the limited space in the restaurant, that wasn’t a whole lot of people. Grab this awesome piece of Dreamcast history while you have a chance!”

If you’re interesting in bidding on this, click here for Shenmue Launch Party Invitation Card.

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