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Dress Up like PlayStation!

Here’s a cool idea….create a video game clothing store! Like Nintendo would have their own clothing styles, PlayStation, heck even Atari and Colecovision can come back with some stuff(maybe in form of a partnership). That would be totally rad! Haha I doubt that would happen in a 100 years but we sort of have this via the companies online stores, but there’s never really a section for “clothes”; normally it’s just thrown in with the rest of the cool merchandise you can buy.  With that said, at least we have ebay sellers like pkspecial.2008 to sell really slick PS clothing.

Now I wasn’t implying to dress up like PlayStation for Halloween because that would be a little silly now, no? But, who ever knew that PlayStation would come to be “a la mode“? Sure there’s clothes given out during the release of the PS, but some of the clothing were actually sold in the PlayStation shop and elsewhere. I found a seller who’s selling a bunch of nice clothing, and if anyone knows anything about me, I LOVE HATS!, and the best hat to buy is obviously the Reebok trucker hat since it’s the best fit on the market(trust me, I’ve tried hundreds of hats).Well, the ebay seller is selling a PS/Reebok hat! Who would have freakin known that those two collaborated to make this(there’s even an Adidas/PS hat!)??The thing with PS gear is that it’s pretty stylish to wear out in public. I mean the colors are not beaming with florescent color, or there’s no awkward phrases like “Don’t make me go Zelda on you“. If you don’t mind these things then all is good, but I’d prefer to keep it on a down-low with PS gear..

Next month I am definitely buying the Reebok PlayStation hat but in the meantime I would like to share with you the list of clothes the seller has up:

Official PlayStation Gear:

Playstation Reebok Shell Jacket

Playstation Reebok Back-Pack

Playstation Shoulder/Courier Bag

Playstation Vintage System Travel Bag

Playstation Reebok Dry-Fit T-Shirts

Playstation Adidas Military Style Caps

Playstation Reebok Mesh Ball Caps

Playstation Trooper Winter Hat

Playstation 2 Winter Tuque

For all you “Adult Ed” students who are only returning to school for the winter semester, man can you make a statement with the PS school bags haha. The seller has a lot more so check out his “eBay World” page.

Good Luck!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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