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Duke Nukem – 2001 Promo DVD, Limited Statue, Action Figures, and First Access Code

The release of Duke Nukem Forever is getting closer and eBay is still buzzing with Duke items. Before the release of Duke Nukem Forever was finally announced, you would be lucky to find anything on eBay related to Duke Nukem that wasn’t a copy of a game or expansion. But now, finally, there is a much better and far more interesting selection of collectibles. Some of these items have been featured on VGA by Kenji and Riku, but there are a bunch here that haven’t been mentioned yet.

2001 Duke Nukem Forever Promo DVD

2001 Duke Nukem Forever E3 Promo DVD– Here’s an interesting item. Through the long and twisted development term Duke Nukem Forever has gone through, there have been many attempts to get the gamers ready for the release. This promo DVD was a hand-out at E3 in 2001. It’s an early promo in Duke Nukem Forever history. The auction description claims the DVD is unopened but the pictures clearly show otherwise… hmm.

Duke Nukem Forever First Access Code– This code can be used online to get yourself an early sample of the Duke Nukem Forever demo! The demo will be available to everyone eventually, but only people with one of these codes will be able to play it early.

Duke Nukem Porcelain Statue LTD 3500– We have shown this statue on VGA before, but the quality and condition greatly out-weighs the price. I’m surprised nobody has made a bid yet. This is statue #183 of 3500 and the auction closes today.

Action Figures

There’s a series of Duke Nukem action figures and I believe I’ve tracked down the complete set spread across several auctions. If there are any figures I’m missing from this series, please comment!

Duke Nukem

Night Strike Duke

Battlelord and Pigcop


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  • Joseph
    Apr 17, 2011

    That statue is really nice 🙂 But the price is a little to high.

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