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E3 2012 – Halo 4 Poster Signed by Todd McFarlane (ltd 300), Neverwinter Mug, T-Shirts, and more

E3 isn’t quite over yet but the promos are showing up on eBay already. It sucks that some of these get handed to people who intend to sell them from the begining while others standing in line would pay to have them but that’s the way it goes. The first item listed here is an example of this situation. No way to avoid this in this case though… only 300 went out.

Halo 4 Poster Signed by Todd McFarlane (Limited 300) – I remember being a big fan of McFarlane’s style back when he was doing Spider-Man. It’s cool to see how far his success has gone. This Halo 4 poster has been signed by the man himself. This auction is for # 86 of 300.

Neverwinter Glass Mug – This upcoming MMORPG has really caught my attention. I’ll try it out when it’s released as I’ve done with many other MMORPGs… kinda tired of getting burned though. Damn you giant FFXIV limited edition!

Halo 4 T-Shirt (M) – Here’s a very cool looking t-shirt promo for Halo 4.

Bethesda Elder Scrolls Online / Dishonored Folding Speaker (Sealed) – Hmm… still not too sure about Elder Scrolls Online. The only problem for me would be hearing others talk or chat which takes you out of the game’s atmosphere. But, once again, I’ll try it.

Borderlands 2 T-Shirt (XL) – Still haven’t played the first one (*gasp*) but I’m looking forward to it. Now I have even more reason to pick it up.

Farcry 3 T-Shirt (L) – Definately going to pick up Farcry 3 on release.

Planetside 2 Dog Tags (Set of 3) – Here’s a nice set of promos. They appear to be still sealed.

Persona 4 Gold & Arena T-Shirt (L) – I know nothing about these Persona games but I wasn’t really into the series after the first one. Perhaps worth looking into.

Nintendo Pins (Set of 5) – Each pin is a promo for a different game: the Legend of Zelda Battle Quest, Takamaru’s Ninja Castle, Luigi’s Ghost Mansion, Donkey Kong’s Crash Course, and Animal Crossing Sweet Day.

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