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E3 2013 Collectibles and Promos

Well, E3 is just about over for this year and eBay is filling up with hundreds of promos and limited give-aways. This year had more going on than last year but still didn’t really have the impact previous expos have had. I must admit it pleases my long lost Playstation fanboy self watching Microsoft clench up and go on the defensive about their insane ideas about the future of gaming and their plans to force it to become exactly as they predict. Sorry Microsoft, we the gamers have the money you want… if you piss us off we will go elsewhere. 😉

I could rant all day but many of the auctions below end today and very soon. Act quick if you want to sneak your bid in! Good luck guys

Skylanders Giants Hot Dog Exclusive E3 2013 and another auction going as well if one goes too high for you: Skylanders Giants Hot Dog Exclusive E3 2013

Bethesda Lanyard and Pin Set

Elder Scrolls Online Bottle Opener Keychain

Gran Turismo Academy Nissan T-Shirt

Super Mario 3D World T-Shirt

Dragon’s Crown Foam Crown

Wii U 3DS Backpack

Mariokart Set of Flags

Halo Spartan Assault T-Shirt with Avatar Armor DLC Code

Diablo III Playstation 3 Slim Skin

Todd McFarlane Signed Halo 4 Cover Art Statue Poster

Dead Rising 3 Distressed Cap

Assassin’s Creed IV Art Print Signed by Todd McFarlane

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