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Early Nintendo Media Kit, Crystal Dynamics Total Eclipse Lord Zodak Bust, Xbox Light Box Sign

Plenty of stuff to check out today including some rare NES carts, an original Xbox light box display sign, a rare bust from the mid 90’s. First up however is a media/sales kit from Nintendo that dates back to sometime around the early 90’s. Some of the promoted titles may catch your interest.

Nintendo Media Kit – Inside you can find screenshots from Super Mario All Stars, Link’s Awakening, and others. There’s even a promo for Action 52 included.

The next few auctions were sent over to us by Hendrik. (thanks!)

Giant Super Mario Bros NES Cart Replica – Roughly three times the size of an actual NES cart.

Barcode Battler Sealed – French version

Mario Shampoo Bottle

Street Fighter Ryu vs Guile Table Top

Here are a few nice promos from PAX East 2013. The Elder Scrolls Online coins really caught my attention.

Elder Scrolls Online T-Shirt

Elder Scrolls Online Coins

Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter Glass Bottle

A few rare NES games I wish I had and dread the day they are among the final few I don’t have…

Bubble Bath Babes and Peek-a-Boo Poker NES Loose

Duck Tales 2 with Box – No manual

Let’s finish thing off for today with some random auctions. The ZZap 64 binder looks pretty interesting.

Buck To The Future Gamestop Managers Conference 2012 T-Shirt

1992 Nintendo Super Mario Gameboy Watch

Xbox Light Box Sign

Crystal Dynamics Total Eclipse Lord Zodak Bust – Seller notes fewer than 5 exist.

Zzap 64 Monthly Review for Commodore Software 1986 Binder – The binder is full of issues of Zzap 64 from 1986. C64 fans could spend hours searching through these pages.

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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  • marblemanic
    Mar 28, 2013


    I see you have my auction listed. Thank you for promoting my Media Kit. As far as i can research this item it appears to be from 1993. Lots of interesting stuff in there. I was pleasantly surprised to see it listed on your website.

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