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Earthbound 3 Courage Badge Keychain and More!

I don’t have anything extremely rare to show today, but this Mother 3(Earthbound 3) Courage Badge Keychain always fetches a good price.

Earthbound 3 Keychain

Anytime I read about this keychain I always see the same thing, “high quality” keychain. Everyone seems to be impressed when they receive it in the mail. The seller says: ” This is an auction for one brand new Mother 3 Courage Badge Keychain that came with preorders for the mother 3 guidebook. Also included is custom hand drawn and numbered art from FanGamer as well as a Mother sticker (both only available with preorders of the Mother 3 Guidebook).

Interested? Click here for Earthbound 3 Courage Badge Keychain

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Good Luck!

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  • akira
    Sep 28, 2010

    For Earthbound fans that may be wondering, Riku doesn’t have it wrong by calling it the “Courage Badge”. The commonly known “Franklin Badge” is called a courage badge a few times in the series.

    It’s great idea for a keychain :p

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