Factory Sealed Merchandise Nintendo (NES) Promotional Items The Legend Of Zelda

Earthbound Air Freshener, Super Mario Kart SNES Keychains

Good afternoon VGA readers. A quick post coming your way with a bunch of cool Super mario Kart keychains. All of these are new, and you even have a set to bid on. I also received an auction submission for the Earthbound Air Freshener. Enjoy the auctions and see you tomorrow!

Video Game Auctions:

– Link & Epona Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Nintendo Power Action Figure

 vintage Link Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time bendable keychain NIP

– VINTAGE Super Mario Kart Keychain complete set NIP RARE HTF

– VINTAGE Super Mario Kart Koopa Troopa. Keychain NIP RARE HTF

– VINTAGE Super Mario Kart Donkey Kong Jr. Keychain NIP RARE HTF

– VINTAGE Super Mario Kart Princess Toadstool/Peach Keychain NIP RARE HTF

VINTAGE Super Mario Kart Luigi Keychain

 Official Nintendo Wrist watch Zelda Tri Force 1990’s Collectible Leather NEW

– Official Nintendo Zelda Pocket Watch Ocarina of Time Leather Case 1990’s NEW

– NEW Sealed Vintage NES Nintendo Super Mario Bros 1989 Auto Sun Shade Screen

– Vintage 1996 Nintendo 64 SUPER MARIO Mario Mania Long Sleeve T-Shirt w/tags

– ULTRA RARE Earthbound Mach Pizza Air Freshener Mother SNES NES

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