Prototype Super Nintendo (SNES)

Earthbound Prototype Super Nintendo Cartriage Official VGA Graded

Alright, lets see all you Earthbound heavyweights go at it. Wait… are you guys still around??

Earthbound Prototype Auction

Seller says:

Up for auction is a prototype of EarthBound for the Nintendo SNES. It has been authenticated by the Video Game Authority (VGA) and placed within a hard acrylic box to protect it. EarthBound, known as Mother 2 in Japan, is a role playing game where you take on the roll of Ness, a young boy, as you go on a grand adventure to save the Earth from an alien invasion.

This is an incredibly rare piece of video game history and one of only two prototype copies of this game known to exist. It has a unique front label and the internal chips are hand-soldered. This is arguably the rarest piece of EarthBound memorabilia available today.

This game has been authenticated as a pre-production prototype of the game. I will include the appropriate paperwork attesting to this. The hard acrylic box is still sealed and has not been opened and the game has not been handled by anyone since it has been authenticated and sealed within the box. The NG grade stands for “No Grade”. The game was shown to be in working condition when it was last played.

If you are a fan of the Mother series, this is your chance to own a large part of it.

Please pay with PayPal, and you must complete checkout within 72 hours of the auction finishing.

I will gladly answer any questions and good luck with your offers!

Good luck!

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