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Earthworm Jim – Promo Pin, Production Cels, Sealed Game & Figures

Here’s a briefly popular game series that was very successful in it’s time. Several games (ports on nearly every system) as well as a cartoon series which spawned all kinds of merchandise. But, where’s Earthworm Jim now? There’s Earthworm Jim HD which was released this year… but it wasn’t well received. It’s odd how some game characters can just fade from the spotlight. Well, today we take a look at this crazy series with a variety of items!

Earthworm Jim SNES Promo Pin – This promotional pin was available at E3 from over a decade ago! It’s a great and humble item that pre-dates the game’s release.

Earthworm Jim (Genesis) Sealed – Here’s a sealed copy of the first game. Missing from your sealed Genesis collection perhaps?

Production Cels– Here are four original cels used in the production of the Earthworm Jim cartoon series! Click the following links for Cel #1, Cel #2, Cel #3, Cel #4.

And finally we have a bunch of Earthworm Jim figures; all of which are still factory sealed!

Earthworm Jim

BOB & #4

Earthworm Jim Special Deep Sea Mission

Princess Whats-Her-Name

Henchrat & Evil The Cat

Peter Puppy

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