Atari Award Everything Factory Sealed Halo Jackets Limited Edition Merchandise Pacman Promotional Items Signed Statues XBOX 360

Earthworm Jim Signed, Carbonox Maquette, Ghaleon Boxing Puppet

We have some big buys and some easy buys here today. From the crazy limited to the random promos, all of this stuff is pretty cool. I’ve also included one of the most ridiculous promos that I have ever seen.

Earthworm Jim (Genesis) Signed – Here’s a copy of Earthworm Jim for the Genesis that has been signed by 5 of the developers. Oddly, the manual is what was signed… normally it’s the cart or the box. Starting bid is quite low so this looks like a good grab for a fan of the game.

Ratchet & Clank Carbonox Maquette – This statue was limited to 457, but none of them were ever for sale. They were made for the developers by Gentle Giant Studios. This auction is for #97 and the box has never been opened.

Watchmen Limited Xbox 360 – This console was given out at SDCC 2008 and the seller mentions only 10 were made. I can’t confirm that number, but there weren’t very many that’s for sure.

Halo 3 ODST Limited Xbox 360 – This limited console was a prize from Best Buy’s 30 Days of Halo Sweepstakes and there were only 30 given out. If there are any hardcore Halo collectors out there, this is a rare find.

Atari Jacket – A nice vintage Atari jacket. Please note however that the size is small! That would be a cruddy surprise if you bought it in hopes of wearing it and found it’s too small the day you get it in the mail.

Q*Bert Frisbee – This was a give away at CES in 1983! It’s still in great shape too.

Pac-Man Mug – You can tell just by looking at this that the mug has some weight to it. A quality item for sure.

Lunar Silver Star Story Complete Ghaleon Boxing Puppet – Oh man, what were they thinking? lol. This promo boxing puppet was given to people who pre-ordered Lunar Silver Star Stroy Complete (if I’m not mistaken). The puppet in this auction is still sealed in the box. I probably wouldn’t open it, but damn, I would never get tired of punching people with it if I did.

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