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Electronic Arts 20th Anniversary Crystal Light, Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Statue, Mortal Kombat Figures

Employee give always are something I’ve always been interested in. The cost to the company is sometimes very inspiring (Blizzard for example) but I guess that’s the whole idea. Today’s first auction is for one such item. This give away from Electronic Arts can catch the eye in any game room.

Electronic Arts 20th Anniversary Crystal Light – Celebrating 20 years in the business, this crystal topped light creates some nice visual effects. The auction includes the custom fit case which appears to be very sturdy. There’s no mention of how big it actually is but judging by the foam casing, I would guess maybe 2-3 inches across on the cube.

Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Japanese Soldier Statue – Another very well done sculpt from Gentle Giant. The seller mentions the foam box pictured in the auction is 15 inches long.

Mortal Kombat Figure Collection – Six figures included and all sealed to the card. An awesome set but a far lower offer is obviously recommended.

Limited Edition Grand Theft Auto III 10 Year Anniversary Claude Action Figure – A limited figure scaled at 1:6 which includes weapons and prison jump-suit.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Employee Launch Kit – This is a GameStop promo which has been assembled for some time. Not too expensive… I guess.

Paper Mario Sticker Star Sticker Book – A small promo book and the stickers haven’t been used.

Captain Novolin SNES Sealed – Still a few days left on this auction and it’s reached about half the value so far.

Super Famicom Game Lot – This auction is for 52 Super Famicom games which are complete with box and manual. The first bid was only $100 and this auction ends in less than 24 hours.

Ms. Pacman Mug – There are a few scuffs here but it’s nice to see a vintage mug that isn’t made of plastic.

Metal Gear Solid 25th Anniverary Strap and Pins – Looks to me like the seller might accept an offer that isn’t too bad for this bundle.

3DO Console with Box and Extras – Bids started at $0.99 but there’s a reserve to meet. Can’t be sure how low it is at the moment.

Metroid Prime 2 T-Shirt – Love it when gamer shirts are subtle like this one is.

The Legend of Zelda Board Game – We had a Zelda board game listed the other day which sold for around $100 but this one is in rougher condition and missing most hearts. Worth $20?

PC Engine LT – I love this little machine and really should get one. Make an offer if you’re up for it but it looks like this seller wont settle for anything too low.

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