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Elvira Pinball Games, Signed Display, Poster, Flyer & Photos

Elvira was the host of a late night horror movie show. Elvira’s Movie Macabre was the product of TV producers wanting to continue the Fright Night show which featured Larry Vincent as Sinister Seymour. The new horror host with her low cut cleavage enhancing tight fitting black dress was a hit and the show became quite popular. I could go on to talk about the movie and such, but on to the games! There are two great pinball games themed around Elvira which were made by a company called Bally.

Above you can see the two pinball games I’m talking about. There was Scared Stiff and Elvira and the Party Monsters. Both were quite popular in their day and had some heavy promo work behind them (posters, keychains, flyers, etc.). If you’ve played one or both of these before and wish to own the actual tables… check out the auctions below.

Elvira and the Party Monsters Pinball

Scared Stiff Pinball

As I mentioned above, there were promos for both of these games. Some have survived and are up on eBay right now.

Elvira and the Party Monsters Poster

Scared Stiff Flyer and Photos

The Scared Stiff flyer includes two official photos of Elvira with the game and the poster for Elvira and the Party Monsters is original and in great condition. Both of these items can be found on eBay through the links below.

Elvira and the Party Monsters Poster

Scared Stiff Flyer and Photos

How about something even more unique…

Elvira Signed Display

This is a plexiglass display from the Elvira and the Party Monsters game which has been signed by Elvira herself! The actress’s real name is Cassandra Peterson but, keeping in character at a Halloween convention in New Jersey one year, she signed this “Elvira” with two X X kisses. This is a great item for both Elvira fans and fans of the pinball game itself. It can be yours if you make the right bid on the auction below.

Hand Signed Elvira and the Party Monsters Display

Believe it or not, Elvira has a show which is running today! You can check out her official website for more info: The Official Elvira Website

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