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Ending Soon Auctions, Final Fantasy Soundtracks Signed and Much More!!

Good Sunday Afternoon VGA readers. I have a ton of auction submissions from VGA readers which is always cool. As everyone knows we’ve received a lot of emails about choosing auctions that are ending soon so we have started to list ending soon auctions to help the collectors who visit this site get a steal at the last minute. We will always throw in the BIn auctions as they’re a lot of goodies that cannot be ignored like the Final Fantasy soundtracks that are autographed by Nobuo Uematsu. They are priced pretty high but hey maybe someone out there might find it at a steal.

Video Game Auctions:

Killer Instinct Big Box (Watch + CD) NEW FACTORY SEALED

– New Metroid Prime Gamecube Bobblehead BD&A

– Final Fantasy 6 original soundtrack Autographed

– Final Fantasy 10 original soundtrack Autographed

– Final Fantasy 7 original soundtrack Autographed

– Final Fantasy 8 original soundtrack Autographed

– Final Fantasy 9 original soundtrack Autographed 

 Chrono Trigger Complete x54 Japan Chrono Trigger SNES Promo Prism Foil Card

– Grand Theft Auto San Andreas GTA 5 V EXTREMELY RARE Dollar Bills Mint condition

– Crash Bandicoot Jet Board SNAP-TOGETHER Model Kit!1999 Polar Lights PLAYSTATION

– 2008 Halo Video Game Pen with light up Blue LED never used Cool

– Sony Play Station METAL GEAR SOLID Premium Package Limited Edition PS Japan

 Sony Play Station 2 METAL GEAR SOLID Collection 20th Anniversary PS2 Japan

– League of Legends Championship Riven Skin Code and Icon

– Blizzard WOW World of Warcraft Epic Purple Lanyard SDCC Blizzcon 2013

 Nintendo NES AV/New Famicom Console System HVC-101 Game x5 Import

– Minecraft Belt with 2 MINECON 2013 Orlando Tickets

– AWESOME League of Legends AstroNautilus Men’s T-Shirt by Riot Games

– Borderlands 2 Swag Limited 2nd Edition Diamond Plate Chest plus

– Korea Korean 1Chip MSX OCM Zemmix Neo Lite

– Bungie 20th Anniversary Swag Bag And Destiny XL TShirt from Gamescom

– League of Legend Season Two Championship Riven Skin

– Bioshock Infinite Promo Wallet Portfolio with ID 

– The Legend of Zelda – Master Sword – Custom Steel Replica

– DOTA 2 Brewmaster (Large) T-Shirt + Lockless Luckbox

– Xbox Live Rare PAX East Avatar Hoodie

– Beyond Two Souls Asia Exclusive Director’s Edition Collector’s

– Beyond Two Souls Asia Exclusive Promo Glasses Limited Collectors

– Beyond Two Souls Asia Exclusive Promo Postcard Set

– Beyond Two Souls Asia Exclusive Promo Camera Strap

– Darxide 32x Original / genuine

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