Art Bags Capcom Factory Sealed Limited Edition Mega Man Merchandise Press Kit Replica Resident Evil Statues Super Mario Bros. The Legend Of Zelda

EverQuest Original Art, Skyrim Launch Kit, Super Mario Bros 3 Sealed Fruit Snack Box

Below you’ll find a couple more pieces of original art on auction. One of them I listed here on VGA more than a while ago but it looks like it has changed hands since (or the seller has since gained a greater reputation thanks to Kevin Smith). Also listed below is a box of fruit snacks well beyond their expiration date. It seems nearly impossible for this box to have remained in great condition for so long… It’s never even been opened.

EverQuest The Ruins of Kunark Comic Original Art by Jim Lee

Skyrim Launch Kit

Mega Man Limited Edition Classic 25th Anniversary Statue

Resident Evil 6 Sentinel Nine Leon Airsoft Gun

Link on Epona Limited Statue

Nintendo 64 Shoulder Bag

Super Mario Bros 3 Sealed Fruit Snack Box

Blizzard 15th Anniversary Fury of Blackrock Cel Employee Gift

Original EverQuest Prelim by Mike Miller

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