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EVO Search for Eden Complete, Esh’s Aurunmilla MSX, Spirit Tracks Figures

I got some rare games to show you such as a complete version of E.V.O: Search for Eden.

This game is hard to find “complete” which is why the price is so high, and although it didn’t get amazing reviews it was very different in terms of game play. E.V.O. wasn’t your regular action role-playing game where you can upgrade your weapons or armor. During E.V.O., instead of upgrading your “weapons” or “armor”, here you can increase physical properties on your animal body to make you stronger. However, you have a different form for each chapter you complete, so you are constantly “evolving” throughout the game. I believe the ratings don’t do justice for this game and were relatively low during it’s release. Below is the link for E.V.O. Search for Eden complete:

EVO Search for Eden Complete Auction

Another thing I wanted¬† to mention is that the Earthbound Poster and Super Punch Poster ends today! Also, the seller just listed a nice conditioned Nintendo Storage chest. It’s one of the best conditioned chests I’ve seen for a long time and is starting at only $0.99 no reserve! The coloring on the pictures are bright and there doesn’t appear to be any noticeable damaged apart from the discoloring of the metal.

Nintendo Storage Chest Auction

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CLICK HERE to buy this!

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