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Fake Final Fantasy VII Music Box, N64 Controller Miyamoto Signed and More!

Good morning VGA readers, I haven’t done a focus on Final Fantasy auctions for some time so I thought I’d zone in on my expertise when it comes to FF merchandise today. Take a look at the Final Fantasy VII Aerith music Box. It’s looks authentic from far, but it is in fact FAR from authentic. This is a reproduction done by an individual who sent the music note to Sankyo. The cost? Maybe around $600-$800 to get done, then add an additional $300 to get the exact oak wooden box, the blue Sankyo box and of course the paper on the inner top of the box inside. You can go to the Sankyo website yourself and ask them, I am sure they’ll quote you the same. So looking at this one would think it’s original but unfortunately it is not. The original has a bronze plate on the inner top of the box, the Digicube certificate and a “play” sticker in front. It’s done very well, and probably plays even better then an original, however if you ask me, if it ain’t original, there’s no value. This fake has come a long way. The same guy/girl/thing that made the fake about 3-5 years ago got the mechanism right, but the wooden box was ugly and weird (something out of my grandmas glass cabinet). Then this person/thing got smarter as the years went on and has evolved to the point it’s at now. I doubt this person will get the bronze plate, but when in doubt, google it. Here is an example of the bronze plate: Final Fantasy VII Original with Bronze Metal Plate. That’s my rant for the day, don’t be fooled by fakes, and always double check before you spend any money or you’ll regret it. Enjoy the auctions!

Video Game Auctions:


– One of a Kind – Miyamoto Signed Gold Nintendo 64 Controller + T-Shirt SUPER RARE

– SNK Neo-Geo AES Max 330 Mega Pro Gear Spec, two controllers, and 8 games

– vintage Mario Brothers Greeting Card Nintendo Luigi Best Friend w Envelope

– God Of War III Ultimate Collector’s Edition Pandora’s Box Replica and Art Book

– Nintendo 64 N64 Trilogy music from the Greatest Nintendo Games Star Fox Mario

– Original Nintendo Super Mario Sign 1988 Good condition

– Fallout 3 Vault-Tec Hard Work Cap

– Sankyo ORPHEUS Music Box Final Fantasy VII FF7 Aeris Theme Aerith 3 parts V.RARE

– Final Fantasy VII 7 Cloud Vs Sephiroth Statue Figure Cold Cast

– Final Fantasy Creatures  Volume 1 Premium Gold Version

– Final Fantasy III 3 Super Nintendo 1994 SNES New Factory Sealed

– Lootcrate TRANSFORM – XL Marty McPrime T-shirt, Decepticon figure, & more

– Mario Paint Super Famicom SNES JP GAME

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