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Final Fantasy 7 Chocobo set, Final Fantasy Moogle Costume Unofficial, Final Fantasy MSX game and more!

Good morning VGA readers. Today’s auctions are filled with Final Fantasy stuff that I gaurentee will tickle your fancy.

The first auction is a set of Final Fantasy VII Chocobo’s complete by Banpresto. For those who haven’t played Final Fantasy VII each chocobo represents an element meaning Blue can only walk on water, Gold(the highest chocobo) can walk on anything(mountains, sea, forests etc..).

Considering the price it’s a decent buy because this is pretty much the same cost over on Yahoo Japan if you were to buy the entire set, and you’ll actually be saving. I have a set myself and they’re very nice. Mint with tags are hard to find. Although I need to make a note here, although these Chocobo’s are mint, the tags might have creases, dents, or any sort of damage so if you’re extremely picky then avoid it but I have seen these sell for $599 or best offer with it going for 350+ so decent buy.

Are you going to join in on the Chocobo breeding and maybe even race or will you just sit on the side lines and let the adventure pass you by? It’s your choice, great item, great price, why ask the seller if he can give you a deal on this New Final Fantasy 7 Chocobo Set ?

The next auction is appropriate to follow in tune with the Final Fantasy theme of today. It’s a full body Mog costume unofficial. This is arguably the best custom Mog costume I have ever seen. It’s suppose to be from Final Fantasy X-2 (Out of all the Final Fantasy’s to make a Chocobo on?? LOL) it still resembles the classic Mog we all love.

The Final Fantasy VI mog is the best moogle in my opinion, just has that charm to it. Anyone disagree post it in the comments :). Yoshitaka Amano painted that mog to the left, it’s his art in case you were wondering. He does a fantastic job in capturing the essence of what Final Fantasy is… epic, rpg, mystery, elegance. The list can go on. I read somewhere on a forum that Amano is past his point, that this Final Fantasy style is old and outated which doesn’t fit into today’s generation. Today’s generation? Know what the kid was comparing Amano’s work to? Disney characters…

If you wore this to a Halloween party for sure you’d get the geeks swarming you(ahem I’d be one of them). So if you want nerd attention you can bid on this beautiful Final Fantasy Moogle Costume.

Other cool stuff:

FINAL FANTASY 7,3 AND 2! Breath of Fire 1 and 2and more – Nice deal on great titles. A must for RPG fans.
Eternal Sonata XBox 360 AUTOGRAPHED – Never playe the game, and it’s autographed! Might buy….
Club Nintendo Platinum Reward Mario Statue – At this price i’d rather keep it
Thanks for reading!

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  • Guru
    Nov 09, 2010

    Who the hell would want to buy that moogle costume?

  • Kenji
    Nov 09, 2010

    I would buy it for halloween, why not? A little expensive but you only live once. Plus de ladies liking de kupo 😉

  • Bunny
    Nov 09, 2010

    yep moogles are always the ladies man.

  • Kenji
    Nov 09, 2010

    yea exactly they’l be rubbing the fur on the costume… an who knows what else 😉

  • Riku
    Nov 09, 2010

    That’s actually a very decent price for the Chocobo Plush set! I’m mean $300 for any plush set it still expensive but these are rare. Nice costume find, I’d buy that 😉

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