Final Fantasy Mega Man Merchandise Press Kit 2

Relisted Final Fantasy Aerith Prototype, Call of Duty Black Ops Promos, unloading watchlist

Todays post is going to feature an Aerith Chrome Prototype from FinalFantasy 7. I have featured this prototype before and it didn’t sell, no wonder… it’s extremely expensive. A similar prototype, I can even go as far to the this same one does not go for more than 250 on Yahoo Japan. Why someone would want to pay that kind of money for an item smaller then the palm of my hand really beats me but the seller has a point, it’s a “prototype” with serial number 0000. What the seller doesn’t know is that there are many makes of this prototype so this isn’t the only one.

So if you feel the desire to own a Final Fantasy Aerith Chrome Prototype then place a bid or make an offer. Hey… at least shipping if free!

Unloading watchlist:

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  • Riku
    Nov 10, 2010

    So there’s more than one Aerith prototype that has serial 0000 and was available to the public?

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