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Final Fantasy and Biohazard Guns from France

Seller Mr.Tomberry has some unique Final Fantasy items up for auctions as well as Biohazard guns which  are illegal to import to certain countries so check out the laws in your country about importing air soft guns.

But to start, the first auction is a Final Fantasy VII Puzzle Chocobo Clock Sealed! It’s basically a puzzle you assemble then stick into the clock. All pieces are included, you just have to put them together, even the ticker! Once it’s finished it looks really nice as the cover of the box shows. These are pretty rare and to find them new is even rarer. It’s starting at 99 Euro, so probably around $140 US and that’s still pretty decent considering a seller in the states had it at $399.

Next auction is a Final Fantasy VI Terra on a Magitek figure. It’s part of the creatures cold cast statue Vol.1. She’s rare, even on YAJ she goes for about $80+. Tomberry currently has her at $65. Does she come with the box? I don’t know, but all I know is it’s a nice looking figure. Looks like it can break easy if dropped y accident. I’m looking to get this for my collection, but I’m going to wait for the price to drop…. He also has this complete Final Fantasy VI 1994 Bandai card set. I think it comes with the special prism cards…

This last auction looks crazy. It’s for Final Fantasy VII Figures??? I don’t know because the seller is mysterious with the items that are for sale but if it’s for everything on that shelf it’s pretty insane. He’s got a Cloud vs Sephiroth, Cloud on Daytona, Coca Cola figure set, Cold Cast Characters etc… a lot of goodies for the price. He says to email him for the list so why not ask?

This next seller from France has the chromes collection all divided up for sale. Expensive but still cool to see someone else out there has an entire collection. It comprises of 23 chromes from Final Fantasy IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, and IX. Here is the Final Fantasy VI chrome set of 6, and the other interesting one is the Final Fantasy VII set.

Lastly he has a Biohazard/Resident Evil Ashford Lugger Air Soft gun set. It doesn’t appear to be complete but does appear to be in mint condition. It’s missing the little pebble bullets that comes with the guns. These can be illegal to import in some countries so please check with you countries laws before bidding. Last thing you want to do is import an item that you paid $200 in total for and it then gets taken away by customs.

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