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Final Fantasy – Cactaur Items!

Anyone who has seriously played through a couple Final Fantasy games will instantly recognize this devious and cute little bugger. Yup, that crazy rare monster that pops up to shoot 1,000 or more needles in your face and then run away! Ah, the memories… I guess it’s the shocked face and the running pose that get burned into people’s memory because there are a lot of Cactaur items out there…

Custom Wall Decoration – This appears to be made by a young fan trying to spread the love of Cactaur. I say, power to them on this well placed effort.

Stuffed Keychain – Imagine this guy hanging from the wheel of your car! Awesome…

T-shirt #1 – This t-shirt shows a more bulgy version of Cactaur, but still cool.
T-shirt #2 – Classic Cactaur t-shirt for the fans.
Jumbo Plush – This plush toy available on Amazon has earned some negative comments and may be a scam for cheap knock-off items. Buyer beware…
16″ Plush (FFXI) – This odd looking plush is what Cactaur looked like in Final Fantasy XI Online. It has been reported that the little green man will make an appearance in Final Fantasy XIV too… I wonder what he will look like there…
Fleece Hat – This is hilarious. Look at it! lol… It’s also available in brown (an odd choice of color). Click here for the brown version.
Skateboard Necklace – At first glance, it just looks like a mini skateboard. But, if you look closely, you can see Cactaur in all his glory.
Bumper Sticker – Let the world know fear of needles with this bumper sticker!
Mouse Pad – This is a great design for a mouse pad… Makes me notice how much I need a new one…
Cuff-links – Secretive style in abundance right here.
Money Clip – Here’s a temporary place to keep your cash before slapping it on the counter of your local video game store!
Stainless Steel Ring – This is a bold statement. Let everyone see the style of Cactaur with this ring.
Star Earrings – An item for gamer girls around the world.
Triple Triad G-31 Card – It’s been a long time since I played this card game, so I can’t say how good it is. But, it’s awesome none the less regardless.
Bead Sprite Necklace – These are popular around eBay. Beads are ironed under wax paper to make a pixel accurate image of video game sprites.
Plastic Cups – If you’re a Final Fantasy fan and you have kids, get these for the breakfast table!
Lock & Key Necklace – Another secret image of Cactaur on a necklace.
CLICK HERE to buy this!

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