Chrono Trigger Final Fantasy Prototype

Final Fantasy, Chrono trigger Prototype, Metroid Poster Signed

A few days ago I made a post about Chrono Trigger famicom carts, more specifically the Beta and the Prototype. Well in today’s post I have both for auction. The beta in the last auction was in Britain and had a reserved price. This Chrono Trigger Beta Famicom cart is located in Canada and the starting bid is $199. Although it may seem high it’s actually a very good price considering what you’d have to pay if you won it in Yahoo Japan. The difference between the two was mentioned in the last post so if you want to check it out do a Chrono Trigger search in our toolbar.

The Prototype is the one with the “bronze” look on the box. Fans had a chance to also win this through V-Jump Magazine, which is a Japanese video game magazine. This Chrono Trigger Prototype famicom cart is a little pricey if you ask me. It should not go any higher then $250 unless auctions say otherwise. So for the beta cart I think it’s a good deal. If it wasn’t on auction so close to Chrtismas I would bid on it.

Stumbled upon this super cool Super Metroid Poster Signed by Samus. This is cool because it’s an original Nintendo Power item meaning it was in their 90’s catalogue. It was released in 1994 and the coolest thing about this is that it glows in the dark. That adds such a 90s feel to it as everything glowed in the dark in the 90s :). I also came across this neat Ecco the Dolphin poster from the Dreamcast days. That game was ultra fun on Sega. It’s at a great price.

I was searching through the Final Fantasy section on eBay and came across two great deals. The first one is the Final Fantasy X Artfx collection statues. It’s the whole set, complete and mint. They’re an extremely decent price. If you want these badly you can also work out a deal with the seller, he sounds very reasonable. Again not a good time to list collectibles as Christmas is coming up but if this was in the summer I’d probably have bid on it. The next item is a Final Fantasy VII cardass box set sealed. These are really cool and from 1997 which is even cooler(ahem 1997 is cool because it’s the year Final Fantasy VII was released). The price is right as it’s what it would cost you if you would buy it on Yahoo Japan auction so again if you want contact the seller and ask for free shipping.

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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