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Final Fantasy collectibles, music box, merchandise and rare items

I’ve compiled a few rare Final Fantasy collectibles for you Final Fantasy fans out there. I’ve got paintings, sealed games, watches and so on. If you’re a serious collector you’ll see some of these items are in fact hard to come by and the prices are amazing or I will note otherwise.

Let’s begin:

Very nice Final Fantasy VII poster done by Amano featuring some of the main characters. It’s really a sight to see and the quality is obvious. It’s a little pricey than the first painting I listed but you can always try a best offer so click here for the Final Fantasy VII Amano Painting

This is the same seller who did the Secret of Mana painted SNES. I just find it pretty unique, although the collectible aspect doesn’t really apply, it does have gamer appeal.

Final Fantasy VII custom paint job Ps1

Final Fantasy VII custom paint job Ps1 RED XIII

Here is a brand new Final Fantasy XI music box that was given out for those who pre-ordered Final Fantasy XI in Japan. It’s at a very decent price considering these don’t pop up often. Click here for the Final Fantasy XI music box.

    Other honorable mentions:

Final Fantasy XII Standee NICE

Final Fantasy Coca Cola Display with yellow figures SET

Final Fantasy VII Zippo PROTOTYPE. The price is out of this world!

Final Fantasy VII sealed cardass box

Final Fantasy Spirits Within Watch. I am only listing this because I know of several Final Fantasy fans that like to collect spirts within.

Final Fantasy 3 Sealed US release

Final Fantasy 8 VIII Triple Triad Cards Sealed Box

Final Fantasy X Kotobukiya complete set!!

Final Fantasy III gameboy sealed

Final Fantasy II gameboy sealed

Final Fantasy VII Cloud Daytona 1997 MIB. Excellent deal for this Cloud Daytona cold cast. They usually pop up around 250-350 on YAJ and in worse condition. This is a pretty good deal except the shipping charges might be expensive. I’d work out a deal with the seller to possibly include free shipping.

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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